Professional Floor Care
and Maintenance

Floor care and maintenance is crucial for the appearance and use of businesses. Clean and properly maintained floors not only create a positive impression on customers and employees, but also help extend the lifespan of the floor, reducing the need for costly replacements. This professional service involves a range of tasks and treatments tailored to fit our clients’ needs. Here is a list of floor care and maintenance services we offer:
  • Floor Stripping – Specifically for floors like vinyl, linoleum, or similar. Intended to remove old wax layers, prepping it for a fresh application.
  • Hard Floor Scrub and Wax – We use the appropriate supplies and solution to remove dirt and grease from various types of flooring. If the customer requests wax, our professionals then follow up with applying the appropriate wax designed to protect and enhance the appearance of the cleaned floor.
  • Floor Buffering – Intended to polish and enhance the level of shine.
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning – In the case of tile floors, grout lines are cleaned to remove dirt and stains.
  • Rubber Floor Cleaning – We carefully clean rubber floors to remove the dirt while maintaining its original color.